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Seeberger GmbH

Hans-Lorenser-Straße 36
89079 Ulm


Seeberger – for more than 160 years this name has stood for experience, the highest quality, and the greatest pleasure and enjoyment.

Over 70 different products, from dried fruit and nuts through to cereal products, offer diverse choices for nibbling and snacking, and for baking and cooking.

Hand-picked crops, the most sophisticated testing procedures, and the most gentle handling processes are the basis for the highest degree of product quality.

The monitored, unbroken quality control chain and Seeberger’s exemplary logistics guarantee the availability of all our products throughout the year – even out of season – 365 days per year. Cherries in winter? No problem, thanks to Seeberger.

Product Index

Savoury Snacks: salted biscuits, cheese pastries, lye biscuits: peanut kernels, salted and roasted; popcorn / puffed rice; nuts / nut assortments: trail mix, cashew kernels, pecan kernels, walnuts, pistachios, almonds; other savoury snacks;

cereals/muesli: muesli bars: muesli bars;

Products by Seeberger GmbH