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Seeberger GmbH

Hans-Lorenser-Straße 36
89079 Ulm


Seeberger. True taste of nature.

Seeberger combines the know-how of over 175 years of family business with the courage to innovate and the love of nature. Every nut, every kernel, every fruit and grain: the entire product variety is harvested by carefully selected partners exactly where the natural conditions are optimal and the full flavour can unfold. At the founding location in Ulm, our selection is only put into the orange packaging when the enjoyment guarantees a conscious moment of nature - pure, refined, as a mix for on the go or put together to create balanced breakfast creations.

Product Index

Savoury Snacks: snacks; popcorn / puffed rice; nuts / nut assortments: trail mix, cashew kernels, pecan kernels, peanut kernels, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts; other savoury snacks;

cereals/muesli: muesli bars: muesli bars;

Vegetarian confectionery: Vegetarian savoury snacks ;

Vegan confectionery: Vegan savoury snacks;