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Manufacturer index / KESSKO Kessler & Comp. GmbH & Co. KG

KESSKO Kessler & Comp. GmbH & Co. KG

Königswinterer Str. 11-21
53227 Bonn





  • Mr Thilo Kabailo
  • Vertrieb
  • Telephone:
     +49 173 5880 804
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  • Product Index

    Sugar Confectionery: dragées: Wiener almonds; decoration articles; vermicelli: nonpareille (granules); syrups; fondant articles; croquant articles: croquant vermicelli, almond croquant, almond nut croquant; marzipan products: marzipan pigs, marzipan custom-made products; persipan;

    Chocolate Products: coffee and mocca beans: mocca beans (solid); chocolate decoration articles: decorative chocolate splits , decorative chocolate fragments (also coated); vermicelli: chocolate vermicelli; chocolate dragées: extruded products (flakes/crispies etc.) coated with chocolate;

    Savoury Snacks: nuts / nut assortments: peanut kernels, hazelnuts, almonds;

    Semi Finished Products: filling masses: cocoa cream, nougat cream, nougat cream (baking stable), chocolate cream (baking stable), coconut cream (baking stable), poppy fix, hazelnut fix; pastes: coffee paste, mocca paste, peanut paste, pistachio paste, hazelnut paste, walnut paste; semi-finished cocoa and chocolate products: cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa press cake, chocolate couverture, milk chocolate couverture, whole milk chocolate couverture, white chocolate couverture, dark chcocolate couverture, fine dark chocolate couverture, dark chcocolate couverture, milk chocolate paste, whole milk chocolate paste, white chocolate paste; nut and almond preparations: peanut/peanut kernel preparations, hazelnut/hazelnut kernel preparations, walnut preparations, almond preparations, sugar coated almond and nut preparations; raw pastes: raw marzipan paste, mixed raw marzipan pastes, nougat paste, almond nougat paste, nut nougat paste, raw nut paste, nut paste, hazelnut paste, macaroon paste, nut macaroon paste, persipan raw paste, persipan macaroon paste; : couverture (white), cocoa-containing couverture, hazelnut couverture;

    organic confectionery: organic semi-finished products: organic marzipan paste, organic nougat paste, organic cocoa couverture, organic chocolate couverture, preparations from organic almonds, preparations from organic nuts;

    Confectionery with fructose and maltitol: Semi-finished products with fructose and maltitol;

    Sugar-Free Confectionery: sugar-free semi-finished products: sugar-free hazelnut paste, sugar-free cocoa powder;