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制造商目录 / Gebr. Jancke GmbH

Gebr. Jancke GmbH

Essener Bogen 3
22419 Hamburg

 +49 40 527222-0
 +49 40 527222-29




Gebr. Jancke GmbH Süßwarenfabrik

A family business in its 3rd generation !

Our company was founded in Hamburg 1952 and has been in family possession ever since. 

About 15 years ago we built a completely new factory in the north of Hamburg, fulfilling state-of-the-art food processing requirements. With our team of more than 40 employees we produce about 8.000 tons per year. Our turnover, depending on raw material prices, reaches more than 30 million €/p.a...


Our mission: „ With passion, competency and substantial service we specialize in high-quality, fresh and tailor-made products for the sweets and food industry“


Our portfolio:

All kinds of fat coatings and creams

Nut preparations and pastes

Croquant (brittle)

Dragee ans salted products

Specialies and tailor made products


  • 先生 Sebastian Jancke
  • CEO
  • 电话:
     +49 40 527222-0
  • 电邮:
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  • 先生 Sebastian Jancke
  • CEO
  • 电话:
     +49 40 527222-0
  • 电邮:
  • 名片: Download
  • 语言:
  • 产品类型

    糖果: 球糖; 琥珀杏仁和坚果仁: 琥珀杏仁, 琥珀榛子仁; ; 消耗碎末: 糖粉碎末, 脆果仁碎末, 装饰碎末; 椰子糖制品: 椰片; 脆果仁糖制品: 牛轧夹心脆果仁蛋, 榛仁脆, 椰子脆果仁, 杏仁糖, 榛仁脆, 杏仁果仁脆; 其他糖果;

    小吃零食: 果仁/什锦果仁: 腰果, 山核桃仁, 榛子, 核桃, 开心果, 杏仁;

    半成品: 夹心料/奶油夹心: 榛子酱, 酸奶奶油, 可可酱, 牛轧酱 , 牛轧酱(固状), 果仁牛轧酱, 巧克力酱(固状), 椰子酱(固状); : 咖啡酱, 摩卡酱, 巧克力酱, 开心果酱, 榛子酱, 核桃酱; 蛋糕涂层: 奶油涂层(白色), 含可可涂层, 牛奶涂层, 榛子涂层, 柠檬涂层, 卡布奇诺糖奶油涂层, 白糖奶油涂层, 杏仁涂层, 香草涂层; 果仁和杏仁制品: 腰果制品, 花生/花生仁制品, 榛子/榛子仁制品, 核桃制品, 杏仁制品, 糖衣杏仁和果仁制品; 原料: 果仁原浆, 榛子原浆;

    绿色甜点: 绿色半成品: 绿色杏仁制品, 绿色果仁制品; : 绿色硬糖;

    公平贸易产品: 公平贸易糖果;

    减肥甜点: 减肥半成品: 减肥可可涂层, 减肥榛子涂层; 其他减肥甜点: 减肥营养特色产品;

    果糖和麦芽糖醇甜品: 麦芽糖醇的可可和巧克力制品; 果糖和麦芽糖醇半成品;

    无糖甜食: 无糖糖果; 无糖半成品: 无糖榛子原浆;

    无麸质甜食: 无麸质糖果; 无麸质可可和巧克力制品; 无麸质半成品;

    清真甜食: 清真糖果; 清真可可和巧克力制品; 清真半成品;

    犹太甜食: 犹太糖果; 犹太可可和巧克力制品; 犹太半成品;

    素食甜食: 素食糖果; 素食可可和巧克力制品; 素食半成品;