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Coppenrath Feingebäck

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Coppenrath Feingebäck

The love of pastries lies in the Coppenrath family – for six generations already. For nearly 200 years we are experts in the fine art of bakery, something which we share with customers in over 60 countries worldwide.


The slogan  „Honor the past, go for the future“  guides our actions: To this very day we are baking cookies after the original recipes from the old days. In addition we are constantly developing new creations for savourers.

Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH

Telgweg 14
49744 Geeste

  +49 59 3739-0

  +49 59 3739-869


“Honour the past, go for the future”

Fine Bakery since 1825

Our family-run company, now in the sixth generation, produces the finest bakery pastry and distributes these in more than 60 countries worldwide. Employing select ingredients, seasoned experts, and gentle baking processes, we guarantee top-quality products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and sophisticated logistics services enable us to fulfil your orders with a high degree of flexibility. We supply all our products either in stable export boxes or in displays, depending on your specifications. As an IFS certified company we are happy to offer you private label, organic quality, or kosher products. Our sugar-. gluten-, laktose-free and vegan products are considered a special treat.


Unlimited possibilities with biscuit granules

Since we are always on the lookout for new product innovations we have developed a way of producing bakery wares and cookie drops in diverse granular forms. In light or dark-coloured form, with dark chocolate or amarettini, caramel flavoured or speculoos – making new product ideas really easy. Our semi-finished products help you develop fantastic creations with ice, muesli, yoghurt, praline, and chocolate: we make your ideas come true! We are also very happy to develop ideas together with you.


A reliable partner

Our export experts, international importers, and seasoned commercial agents ensure reliable and smooth handling of our export business: Contact us – we will gladly advise you!

Catégories de produits

Biscuits / Pâtisseries Fines: biscuits: assortiments de pâtisserie, pâtisseries au beurre, pâtisserie aux œufs , gâteaux sablés avec glaçage au chocolat, gâteaux sablés au blé complet, petits gâteaux secs; biscuits de saison: étoiles de noix, spéculoos , spéuloos aux amandes; biscuits: biscuits au beurre, biscuits sandwich (biscuits fourrés) , biscuits avec glaçage au chocolat, croissants miniatures, pâtes sablées; Pâtisseries Fines: fond de tartelette; autres pâtisseries fines / biscuits: biscuits pour le catering; : ;

Produits Semi-Finis: préparations à la base de pâtisserie: ;

Confiseries Biologiques: biscuits/pâtisseries fines biologiques; produits semi-finis biologiques;

Confiseries avec fructuse et maltitol: biscuits/pâtisseries fines avec fructose; produits semi-finis avec fructose et maltitol;

Confiseries sans Sucre: biscuits/pâtisseries fines sans sucre;

Confiseries sans Gluten: biscuits/pâtisseries fines sans gluten;

Confiseries "Halal": biscuits/pâtisseries fines halal;

Confiseries "Cashères": biscuits/pâtisseries fines cashers; céréales/muesli cashers;

Confiseries sans Lactose: biscuits/pâtisseries fines sans lactose;

Confiseries Végétariennes / vegan : biscuits/pâtisseries fines végétariens / vegan;