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Super Seed Cracker


Super Seed Cracker

Our gluten-free Dr. Karg’s Organic Super Seed Crackers are an oven baked crunchy delight for in-between. Gluten-free oats and a composition of premium-quality seeds create the basis for the round crackers.

Naturally gluten-free, rich in seeds, vegan and made with selected organic ingredients.

Available in three varieties:

- Fantastic Pumpkin: natural source of plant-based protein

- Amazing Amaranth: high in fibre with more than 10% fibre

- Incredible Quinoa: source of omega-3 fatty acids

Dr. Klaus Karg KG

Alte Rother Str. 10
91126 Schwabach

  +49 9122 6311-0

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Passion for tradition and the Cracking Good Bite

Our philosophy is simple: We take selected ingredients and lots of time, and combine them with traditional baking artisanry to produce the authentic quality our customers appreciate so much.


The roots of Dr. Klaus Karg KG lie in Wolkersdorf in Franconia in the 1950 founded village bakery. In 2000, the company started producing and selling delicious crispbread specialties under the leadership of CEO Dr. Klaus Karg. Thanks to selected ingredients, creative recipes and its unique, light consistency, Dr. Karg’s crispbread has become popular nationally and internationally.


The idea behind the original Dr. Karg’s crispbread has lead to many other, delightful product innovations in the meantime. Dr. Karg’s wholegrain snacks are delightful small crunch packs, perfect for that craving feeling in-between meals, and have thus long ago earned their place on the shelves of the food trade. Since 2019, Dr. Karg’s HÜTTS are innovative wholegrain delights that promise the peak of snacking pleasure with their aromatic flavour varieties, inspired by the mountains’ culinary pleasures.


With all products, the company stayed true to their original quality demands. The wholegrain flour comes from mills in Bavaria with which long-standing contracts have been established. Recipe-specific ingredients, such as coconut, cheese, dried tomatoes, etc., are used fresh every day. For optimal flavour and the characteristic bite, Dr. Karg’s enhance their crunchy creations with high quality oils. All raw materials are carefully combined and kneaded into a dough that is then left to rest before it is shaped and finally baked slowly in rack ovens – the traditional way.

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