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ELEMINT MINT 25: The new sugar-free Ice Tea series from PIT

Pleasant fruity freshness ensures good breath. Stimulates the senses, refreshes the mind. That's what the new ELEMINTS promise, which are packaged in a practical metal tin for the first time.

The two "Ice Tea Peach" and "Ice Tea Lemon" varieties impress with their fruity or sour taste for an invigoratingly fresh breath.  The balanced peppermint component in the “Mint” variety ensures pure, long-lasting breath freshness. All three varieties are sugar-free!

Pit Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG

Reichenberger Str. 36
83071 Stephanskirchen

  +49 8036 30737-0

  +49 8036 30737-28

中文 (Zhōngwén)

Your specialist for compressed candies (mints, dextrose fizzy candies)

“Pit Süßwaren” offers one of the most diverse ranges of compressed confections.

  • Prickel Pit sherbet
  • Active Pit dextrose
  • Pfeffi / IQ Elements Mint Drops
  • Pfeffi Mint Drops
  • Plantafresh breath freshener
  • Food supplements

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Dietetic Confectionery: dietetic sugar confectionery;

Confectionery with fructose and maltitol: Sugar confectionery with fructose;