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Beck's Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

Kakao mit echter Ceylon-Zimt Mischung und einem Hauch Kardamom

BEET me up! rote Beete - beetroot


Beck's Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

The best things happen when demanding people create something for themselves and are passionate about their work. Our product designer Michael Beck is constantly reinventing cocoa, experimenting with spices and essences and creating new worlds for connoisseurs. The tempting range, which includes 14 plus unique taste sensations, demonstrates how versatile the cocoa bean is and how harmonious it can be combined with herbs and other delicacies. The flavours are never overpowering but very subtly emerge after the wonderful cocoa taste, tickling the taste buds before fusing into a perfect blend.

Pit Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG

Reichenberger Str. 36
83071 Stephanskirchen

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Your specialist for compressed candies (mints, dextrose fizzy candies)

“Pit Süßwaren” offers one of the most diverse ranges of compressed confections.

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  • Active Pit dextrose
  • Pfeffi / IQ Elements Mint Drops
  • Pfeffi Mint Drops
  • Plantafresh breath freshener
  • Food supplements


Mr Bertram Zehetbauer

Telephone: +49 8036 30737-31


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