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Manufacturer index / Hanseatisches Chocoladen Kontor GmbH & Co. KG

Hanseatisches Chocoladen Kontor GmbH & Co. KG

Westerstr. 32
28199 Bremen

 +49 421 5090-00
 +49 421 5090-020




Hanseatisches Chocoladen Kontor GmbH & Co. KG

A Matter of Taste


  • Mrs Claudia Gutjahr
  • Telephone:
     +49 421 5090-00
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  • Product Index

    Chocolate Products: filled chocolates / truffles: chocolates assortments, dessert chocolates, praline chocolates, praline cream chocolates, croquant chocolates, almond chocolates, nut chocolates, fondant chocolates, marzipan chocolates, marzipan walnut chocolates, chocolate truffles, peppermint chocolates; alcohol chocolates: liqueur chocolates, chocolates assortments with alcohol; bar chocolate (solid): whole milk chocolate, fine whole milk chocolate, fine bitter chocolate, dark chocolate, dark cream chocolate, dark chocolate; bar chocolate, filled with nuts/almonds: whole milk noisette chocolate, whole milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with almonds, chocolate with chopped almonds, almond-nougat chocolate, almond-nut chocolate, dark chocolate with nuts, nut-nougat chocolate; bar chocolate (filled), various: cappuccino chocolate, fruit chocolate, fruit-cream chocolate, orange chocolate, lemon chocolate, ginger chocolate, croquant chocolate, marzipan chocolate, praline chocolate, nougat-croquant chocolate, peppermint chocolate (solid), peppermint chocolate (filled), praline chocolate bar, truffle chocolate, almond whole milk chocolate, mocca whole milk chocolate, chocolate filled with alcohol; chocolate bars; chocolate products: chocolate leaves, chocolate cups, chocolate bowls, small chocolate bars, hollow figures (filled), hollow figures (unfilled), small chocolate sheets; seasonal articles: Christmas articles, Easter articles, mother's day articles, Christmas calendars with liqueur-filled chocolates, Christmas calendars with non-liqueur chocolates, St. Nicolas' rods, Christmas tree decoration, hollow figures (Santa Claus), truffle eggs; chocolate dragées: chopped almonds; drinking powder: drinking chocolate;

    Semi Finished Products: raw pastes: milk chocolate paste, whole milk chocolate paste;