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Manufacturer index / FEODORA Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG

FEODORA Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG

Westerstraße 36
28199 Bremen

 +49 421 5090-494
 +49 421 5090-479

A World of Chocolate for Connoisseurs

FEODORA is Germany’s premium brand of quality chocolates and pralines, made to the highest standard with the utmost care and commitment.FEODORA meets the highest quality requirements by exclusively using fine flavour cocoas from only 3 % of the world crop to make top-class blends which are refined with loving attention to detail using high-quality raw materials.


FEODORA’s high level of elegance and genuine cocoa flavour have been enticing true connoisseurs into the realms of pure chocolate and praline pleasure since 1910.

Product Index

Sugar Confectionery: ginger articles: ginger sticks; croquant articles;

Chocolate Products: filled chocolates / truffles: chocolates assortments, dessert chocolates, single chocolates, praline chocolates, praline cream chocolates, croquant chocolates, almond chocolates, nut chocolates, fondant chocolates, marzipan chocolates, walnut chocolates, marzipan walnut chocolates, chocolate truffles, white chocolates, peppermint chocolates; alcohol chocolates: liqueur chocolates, chocolates assortments with alcohol; bar chocolate (solid): whole milk chocolate, fine whole milk chocolate, fine bitter chocolate, dark chocolate, dark cream chocolate, dark chocolate, mocca chocolate (solid), mocca-cream chocolate (solid); bar chocolate, filled with nuts/almonds: milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with hazelnuts, whole milk chocolate with almonds, chocolate with chopped almonds, almond-nougat chocolate, almond-nut chocolate, dark chocolate with nuts, nut-nougat chocolate; bar chocolate (filled), various: cappuccino chocolate, fruit chocolate, fruit-cream chocolate, orange chocolate, lemon chocolate, ginger chocolate, croquant chocolate, marzipan chocolate, praline chocolate, nougat-croquant chocolate, peppermint chocolate (solid), peppermint chocolate (filled), praline chocolate bar, whole milk chocolate (filled), almond whole milk chocolate, mocca whole milk chocolate, chocolate filled with alcohol; chocolate bars; chocolate products: chocolate leaves, chocolate cups, chocolate bowls, small chocolate bars, chocolate mini-bars (Napolitains), chocolate cat tongues, chocolate cat tongues (filled), hollow figures (filled), hollow figures (unfilled); seasonal articles: Christmas articles, Easter articles, mother's day articles, Christmas calendars with liqueur-filled chocolates, Christmas calendars with non-liqueur chocolates, St. Nicolas' rods, Christmas tree decoration, hollow figures (Santa Claus), hollow figures (rabbit), Easter nests, chocolate eggs, gift eggs, chocolate eggs (hollow), chocolate eggs (solid); chocolate dragées: chopped almonds, chopped nuts; drinking powder: drinking chocolate; other chocolate products: fruits with chocolate;

Other Confectionery: gift articles (sweets and non-food); gift packages;