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Manufacturer index / Confiserie Heilemann GmbH / Viba sweets GmbH

Confiserie Heilemann GmbH / Viba sweets GmbH

Die Aue 7
98593 Floh-Seligenthal

 +49 3683 6921-190
 +49 3683 6921-49

Viba and Heilemann

Viba – Welcome to the nougat specialist

Since 1893 the brand Viba is standing for manufacturing unique, tender nougat pralinés, but also for the softest marzipan, classy coated candies, delicious fruit bars and exquisite pralinés.

Our medium-sized company is located in Floh-Seligenthal in Thuringia and we are the leading specialist for nougat.


Exclusive Confectionery Specialities

The name Heilemann has been well known for the finest confectionery specialities for almost 70 years. Finest-quality chocolates, select filled chocolates and lovingly formed hollow figures are put together piece by piece with much love and careful craftsmanship using our traditional recipes.


Heilemann is a brand of Viba sweets GmbH and is offered through Viba sweets GmbH.

Product Index

Chocolate Products: filled chocolates / truffles: chocolates assortments, single chocolates, praline chocolates, croquant chocolates, almond chocolates, nut chocolates, marzipan chocolates, marzipan walnut chocolates, chocolate truffles; alcohol chocolates: Knickebein chocolates, brandy bottles with crust, chocolates assortments with alcohol; bar chocolate (solid): fine whole milk chocolate, fine bitter chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate; bar chocolate, filled with nuts/almonds: milk nut chocolate with chopped nuts, milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with hazelnuts, raisin & nut whole milk chocolate, whole milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with almonds, almond-nougat chocolate; bar chocolate (filled), various: fruit chocolate, ginger chocolate, yoghurt chocolate, marzipan chocolate, nougat-croquant chocolate, peppermint chocolate (filled), praline chocolate bar, raisin & nut chocolate, truffle chocolate, whole milk chocolate (filled); chocolate bars; chocolate products: small chocolate bottles, chocolate hearts, chocolate beetles, small chocolate bars, chocolate mini-bars (Napolitains), chocolate cat tongues, chocolate cat tongues (filled), hollow figures (filled), reliefs; seasonal articles: Christmas articles, Easter articles, mother's day articles, Christmas calendars with non-liqueur chocolates, St. Nicolas' rods, hollow figures (Santa Claus), hollow figures (rabbit), chocolate eggs, pastry eggs, gift eggs, chocolate eggs (solid), truffle eggs;