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Manufacturer index / Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG Schokoladefabrik

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG Schokoladefabrik

Alfred-Ritter-Str. 25
71111 Waldenbuch

 +49 7157 97-0
 +49 7157 97-418


  • Mrs Janika Früh
  • Assistenz GF Vermarktung International
  • Telephone:
     +49 715797 1303
  • Email:
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  • Product Index

    Chocolate Products: bar chocolate (solid): alpine milk chocolate, whole milk chocolate, fine whole milk chocolate, fine bitter chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate; bar chocolate, filled with nuts/almonds: milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with hazelnuts, raisin & nut whole milk chocolate, whole milk chocolate filled with wafers and hazelnut cream in nougat, whole milk chocolate with nuts, whole milk chocolate with almonds, chocolate with chopped almonds, dark chocolate with nuts, nut-nougat chocolate; bar chocolate (filled), various: yoghurt chocolate, cream chocolate, cream chocolate with caramel, cream chocolate with almonds, cream chocolate with chocolate, marzipan chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel filling, praline chocolate, peppermint chocolate (filled), rum & raisin hazelnut chocolate, raisin & nut chocolate, whole milk chocolate (filled), whole milk chocolate with butter biscuit, whole milk chocolate with cornflakes, chocolate filled with alcohol; white chocolate : white chocolate (filled), white chocolate with nuts;

    organic confectionery: organic chocolate products: organic chocolate (solid), organic chocolate (filled);

    Dietetic Confectionery: dietetic chocolate products: diet chocolate ;

    Confectionery with fructose and maltitol: Cocoa and chocolate products with maltitol;

    Kosher Confectionery: kosher chocolate products;

    Products by Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG Schokoladefabrik