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Sweets & Snacks Expo

Chicago / USA, 21.05.2019 - 23.05.2019


The leading trade fair in confectionery in the United States, Sweets & Snack Expo will take place may 21 until may 23 at the Convention Center McCormick Place in Chicago.
The German Pavilion organized by German Sweets e.V. is continuous growing up. Several German Sweets companies are looking forward to welcoming you in Hall West, booth no. 2143 A - H.


BRANDT Zwieback- Schokoladen GmbH + Co. KGWest2143-G
Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbHWest2119 (via EAB)
Bremer HACHEZ Chocolade GmbH & Co. KGWest2241 (via GI)
HARIBO GmbH & Co. KGWest951
Krüger GmbH & Co. KGWest2143-B
The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co KG GermanyWest2241 (via GI)
Johannes Lühders KGWest2241 (via GI)
J. G. Niederegger GmbH & Co. KGWest2143-E
RAGOLDS Sweet Sales GmbHWest1329
Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG Reber Spezialitäten West2241 (via GI)
Hans Riegelein & Sohn GmbH & Co. KGWest2241 (via GI)
Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG SchokoladefabrikWest2119 (via EAB)
sanotact GmbHWest2143-C
Conrad Schulte GmbH & Co. KG FeingebäckfabrikWest2119 (via EAB)
Trolli GmbHWest753
Gottfried Wicklein GmbH & Co. KG Nürnberger Lebkuchen und GebäckspezialitätenWest2241 (via GI)
Zentis GmbH & Co. KGWest2143-H