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Herstellerverzeichnis / Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG

Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG

Erna-Scheffler-Str. 3
51103 Köln

 +49 221 4894-0
 +49 221 4894-269

Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG

We are a privately owned company with innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and teamwork at our core. Our philosophy is based on rapid decision-making, efficient actions and intelligent solutions. This has helped us become one of the leading manufacturers of savoury snacks in Europe. Our product portfolio includes international brands, such as funny-frisch, Chio, Pom Bär, Hula Hoops, as well as local favourites in regional markets. For near details please have a look on our webpage: www.Intersnack.com


  • Our products

Best taste through the highest quality is the benchmark we set for all our brands and products. Therefore we source the finest quality ingredients. Sounds good, tastes even better!


  • Potato Chips

To make our potato chips we use the best-quality premium potatoes, mainly sourced from approved European farms.

The type of potato chips depends on the way we cut them - delicate or thick slices, crinkled or smooth.

Finally, we bake or fry our potato chips with the utmost care.


  • Specialities snacks

Our wide range of speciality savoury snacks are made from potatoes, corn, wheat and other grains.

Manifold manufacturing methods are used to create our delicious snacks such as tortilla chips, Pom-Bär, Jumpys and Ringli, that come in many diverse shapes, tastes and textures.


  • Baked Products

All products are made from dough that is rolled into a distinctive shape and then baked.

To achieve a delicious taste, some products are also flavoured, glazed or sprinkled with salt or sesame seeds.

Most baked products have the benefit of being low in fat.


  • Herr Benjamin Esser
  • Telefon:
     +49 221 4894-0
  • E-Mail: export@intersnack.de
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    Knabberartikel: Cocktailgebäck; Extruder-Produkte (Salz-, Käse-, Laugengebäck): Extruder-Produkte, Salzgebäck-Extrudermischungen, Salzstangen, Brezeln; Salz-, Käse-, Laugengebäck: Salzgebäck, Salzmischungen, Erdnüsse im Teigmantel, Erdnussflips, Erdnusskerne, gesalzen und geröstet, Käsegebäck, Käsegebäck-Mischungen, Laugengebäck; Kartoffelchips/-sticks: Kartoffelchips, Kartoffelsticks; Kräcker: Pizza-Kräcker; Snacks: Zwiebelringe, Kartoffel-Snacks, Mais-Snacks, Reis-Snacks, Teig-Snacks, Taccos; Popcorn / Puffreis; Nüsse / Nussmischungen: Studentenfutter, Cashewkerne, Erdnüsse, Pistazien; sonstige Knabberartikel: Pellets;

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