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Paris / France, 08.09.2020 - 09.09.2020


Please notice that numerous fairs will be postponed to a later date or to 2021
due to the current COVID-19 issue.

17 - 18.03.2020 -> cancelled! Fair will be postponed to 13 - 14.05.2020

13 - 14.05.2020 -> cancelled! Fail will be postponed to 08 - 09.09.2020


The annual event for the latest food creations :

  • A UNIQUE PANEL OF CREATIVE PARTNERS with a large number of start-ups focused on Food tech and regional SMEs to co-create and manufacture customised products.
  • A SHOWCASE OF INNOVATION that features all types of innovations in the food universe.
  • HIGHLIGHTS, SHOWS, AND EXPERIENTIAL SPACES to draw new ideas and explore new possibilities.
  • COVERAGE OF THE LATEST AND EMERGING TRENDS to better anticipate developments.
  • SPACES for partners and retailers to NETWORK AND SHARE EXPERIENCES: all types of retail, catering, snacking, e-commerce, specialised food stores


  • 400 exhibitors, including
  • 35% from outside of France
  • 33% are first-time exhibitors every year
  • More than 1/3 of exhibitors are presenting innovations
  • More than 4,000 project holders ...decision-makers from national and regional purchasing centres for the catering and general and specialised mass-market retailers, both online and in stores

Участник выставки

Aachener Printen- und Schokoladenfabrik Henry Lambertz GmbH & Co. KG7K26-L25